Why QuestNet complaint and other incidents have to be overlooked

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Unemployment has made people miserable and helpless. Every professional is on a look out for a better package or stress free job profile. However they say that a person cannot expect everything to be perfect, only if wishes were horses. There are flaws in each and everything you want and need. Every employee has some complaints regarding their workplace. Some are unhappy with their job profile, some want a higher pay package and few crave for satisfaction. All these reasons clutter the mind and attention is deviated.  Due to the economic meltdown it is impossible and impractical to quit a job that pays your monthly bills. Nobody dreams to be unemployed.

There are few alternatives that provide an individual the opportunity to flourish and hone his or her skills. A working individual seeks remuneration for his service because he wants to live a comfortable and lavish life. After settling the utility bills, a percentage of his salary is deposited in the bank and rest is to make his leisure time more enjoyable. However the stock market crashes and the economic meltdowns have forced an individual to splurge his entire monthly salary on adopting survival techniques. There is a choice he has to make every day, either pay for the chores or become homeless.

Multi level marketing industry (MLM) has opened its doors to working professionals wanting job satisfaction. Extra income is irresistible. Thus youngsters craving for an opportunity to earn extra cash pounce on these opportunities and take the plunge. Multi level marketing companies have multiple dimensions and have a broad spectrum of business activities. They manufacture, sell and buy products. Due to some misunderstandings like the questnet complaint, these companies had to revamp their business strategies. Today their conditions and rules are more stringent than before. Multi level marketing trains employees to become ace marketers. An online website is given to each employee, who has to sell the lifestyle products of the company via this website. At the end of the month, the compensation is calculated as per the amount of sale achieved. It is a simple and practical business venture that requires the willingness to learn. The companies practice a flexible decorum and code of conduct. Every employee can work as per his or her convenience. There is no specific qualification required to become a part of the Multi level marketing conglomerate.

Incidents like the questnet complaint has challenged the structural foundation of the multi level marketing industry. Due to minor speed bumps, the people assumed incompetency on the part of these companies. Brokers and investors ceased to invest money in these companies. However this phase has passed and today, people are revising their decision to invest in direct selling. This is good news to people seeking a second part time job to support their survival. It is mandatory that people overpass certain occurrences and make profitable decisions. Grasp enough knowledge about a certain business venture and then make a well informed decision. Make sure you are well acquainted with the business activity of the company.  

QuestNet India continues to grow strong

November 26, 2012 3 comments

QNET is a direct selling company which offers products from various segments like jewellery, nutrition products, watches, vacation packages etc. It was recently ranked by Direct Selling News as the 5th most successful network marketing company in Asia. It is because of its structure that this company has gained popularity amongst those who wish to boost their income, particularly in India. When we talk about health and lifestyle especially in our country, QuestNet India has managed to enhance the lives of many people. In the network marketing industry, distributors of the company promote and sell its products directly to customers without a retail store. What’s more exciting is that the QuestNet business is conducted entirely on the Internet, making it one of the most dynamic and progressive direct selling companies using the e-commerce platform.When one researches about the company, there maybe a few controversies that may come up related to the company. But QuestNet has managed to overcome them and clear its name, thereby, retaining its huge consumer database of millions.

The company offers a wide and diverse range of lifestyle products to its customers. The company has understood the market and its needs well.The products are of high quality and very innovative. The company even produces nutritional supplements, which are very popular among the youth population today. It even offers high luxury watches and beautiful jewellery. The company also offers holiday packages, which can be booked online for reasonable prices.

There are many direct sales companies around today. But one has to be careful and trust the one that has been there for a long time. QuestNet has been a part of the market since 1998. No company would cheat you after almost 14 years of its service. It is time that people make the most of this business opportunity. Housewives, teenagers and the ones retired, who make for such a huge chunk of India’s population, can be a part of this business community, too.

QuestNet India has been working hard to meet the demands of the masses through its quality products. The common man can not only enjoy these products but earn money himself through them as well. It is your chance to extract as much as you can from the company that has a lot to offer. So let us not believe the fake scams and instead see the opportunities the company has to offer.

QuestNet India, an ideal multi-level marketing example

November 26, 2012 1 comment

The Internet is flooded with stories of multi-level marketing companies. It is because of some fraudulent companies that the good ones get dragged into the discussions. They are not only looked upon with a sense of doubt but their efforts go to waste as well. Then, there are companies like QuestNet India that have risen above the suspicion and come out victorious. This is their story.

QuestNet is a direct selling company which is a subsidiary of the QI Group. It has been in existence since 1998 and offers various products from segments like nutrition, energy products, vacation packages, watches etc. QuestNet India not only opened its doors to the people; it also provided opportunities for them to fulfil their dreams. How did they do that? They follow a multi-level marketing structure which is quite simple to understand. Anyonewith an initial investment can become a distributor, or independent representative (IR), of the company. He has to then sell the company’s products to other people, much like any other company. QuestNet has one of the most competitive compensation plans in the network marketing industry, with eight different ways to earn income. Selling products to customers is just one way.

QuestNet has rules and regulations set up for the members, who are required to follow the guidelines. It ensures all its IRs are given intensive training to groom them to become network marketing professionals. This helps the IRs to plan and strategise their approach.

QuestNet India offers a portfolio of high-quality lifestyle products. All the products have been researched upon and evaluated to meet the needs of the IRs and their customers. New products are regularly added to the company’s product list. In spite of all this, the company has been dragged into controversies that have questioned the integrity of its existence. This came as an unexpected blow not just to the company but the whole network marketing industry as their working was questioned. The web was flooded with accusations about everything from their compensation, their operations and so on. It was a tough time for the company as well as it members. But as they say all bad things eventually come to an end, the claims were proven untrue and the company came back to its previous position, that of one of the leading multi-level marketing companies.

QuestNet India has been a stepping stone for thousands of Indians who have had the courage to step out of the rat race and build a new career. It is a reputable company that has provided a wonderful opportunity of employment for different people irrespective of their age, race, gender, or educational backgrounds. It has not only fulfilled their dream of a fruitful career but has also enriched their lives. This is definitely one of the ideal companies to work for as it’s been around for a long time. It has established its grounds in the industry, and has changed the face of direct selling not just in India but globally.

Quest International University Perak, a unique Educational Experience

November 20, 2012 1 comment

The education industry has seen an immense growth in the past few years. All around the world, institutions are sprouting at a very fast speed. In such situations, how is one supposed to choose the right one? An institution that will add value to one’s education and prepare them to face the challenges of the real worldis what everyone is looking for. Quest International University Perak is known to provide a unique academic experience that produces some extraordinary individuals.

Located in Perak, Malaysia, Quest International University Perak is a private and comprehensive research-leduniversity. Unlike other institutes that are set up with the sole purpose of maximising profits, this university focuses on maximising their students worth so that they are fit to face the complexities of the workplace. The other aspect to be noted is that, the curriculum taught here is industry-based so that it could easily be applied in their workplaces in the future. The faculty is quite impressive as they have a perfect blend of required knowledge as well as relevant industry experience. Along with the quality of education, it is equally important to check the affordability of the program. Compared to the universities around the area, Quest International University Perak turns out to be the most affordable one.The university is affiliated with renowned institutes like the International Institute of Information Technology and KLE University.The next is the state-of-the-art infrastructure that the university offers. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled which helps the students to stay connected to the internet regardless of their location. The library includesa humongous array of books so that the students can satiate their hunger for knowledge. The laboratories here are well equipped with the latest technology so that the students are in line with all that’s new. Lastly, the environment around is tranquil and serene so it’s very conducive to studying.

To sum it all up, there are five aspects that would make one consider studying here. The university offers International Standards that would help acquire global competitiveness and not just limit their knowledge for local jobs. As previously mentioned, affordability is one of the reasons for the popularity of the programs here. The location of the institute also plays an important part. Being a little away from the city’s mad rush but at the same time being well connected is what people look at. One can say that this university is strategically located by being close to cities like Kuala Lumpur and Penang. All these along with the facilities available make it a favourable learning environment. The curriculum here trains one to work with and in teams and through independent studying which helps them explore their creativity and capabilities. The last and the most important is that once the students graduate from the university, they are job ready and capable of taking up the challenges that the work environment would put forth. All-in-all, one could say that Quest International University Perak is the key to a bright future. 

A review on QNET India

November 10, 2012 2 comments

QNET India was founded by Vijay Eswaran. The company has done a lot for the people of this country by giving them employment opportunities. It is a direct sales company that utilises a networking strategy and an e-commerce platform, where distributors (known as IRs) stand to earn lucrative income through the promotion and sales of the company’s products online.

I come from a normal middle class family with a basic earning salary. Luxuries were a rarity. When I heard about QNET India, I thought about giving it a try.

The company is well-established and a huge force in the global market today.  It provides you with an efficient framework and all the necessary tools to help you sell its products, many of which are popular for being able to improve your quality of life.

QNET has one of the most competitive compensation plans in the network marketing industry, with eight different ways to earn income. So selling a product to a customer is just one way. . The business allows plenty of flexibility to manage your own schedule and work hours. You can choose to do the business part-time or go full-time when you’re ready. The extra income is definitely a big help to cope with rising costs of living, particularly in India.

We need to understand that in a country like India we often have a large population that is unemployed despite being well-educated. There are many people and not enough jobs. That is where QNET India plays such a big role. It provides job opportunities to people regardless of their age, race, gender and even socio-economic status.

QNET offers the best products when it comes to doing business. They have established themselves well on the e-commerce scene. People can easily shop from the comfort of their homes knowing that they are buying from a trustworthy source. The products sold are of high quality and have been known to enrich lives. QNET India has given me a lot of hope. It has been a fulfilling experience to be associated with it. There have been rumours online calling it a scam or fraud, but if you’re well-educated and sensible, you only have to do some research to discern the truthfor yourself. Yes, there have been Ponzi schemes where many people have been duped – but QNET is not like that. I feel bad that a company like QNET that has done so much for so many people, has to face the challenge that these false allegations bring. But being part of QNET, I have complete faith in the company and the business.

The other side of the Questnet fraud

October 31, 2012 2 comments

In the corporate world, we often look at scams every now and then. Some of them true, some false. Some not even looked at, some blown out of proportion. Here, we are looking at a company called Questnet that has often made the headlines in the mainstream media.

It may be surprising that the Questnet fraud is often talked about without people realizing the basis behind it. When it comes to direct selling market, there have often been talks about how almost every company is fraudulent.


Firstly, people enroll themselves in such companies only because they are looking for some extra income. These multi level marketing strategy based companies offer the best way for them to earn their money. All of this is done to maintain a lifestyle they all crave for. Investing in this level of business has always been fruitful. The Questnet fraud is false from its very first line because we are talking about a company that has been around for more than fifteen years now. It is a reputed company that has managed to establish its hold on various countries across the globe. It has gained mileage in Asia especially in India too. It has provided a wonderful opportunity to people where the can invest and enjoy the returns too. There are diverse schemes in which people can invest and reap the benefits too.


However, the Questnet fraud has been the topic of discussion in the media as well as discussion forums online. There has been so much written on it that all you can see is overflowing text surrounding it. But has anybody paused to think if all the claims are true? Are these claims even balanced arguments? Why are there no hard facts to prove it? Sadly, none of these questions are answered.


The very reason for it is that this entire scam business is a huge farce in itself. There is absolutely no credibility to all of the allegations because it is all the attempts of rival companies who are coming up to spoil the reputation of Questnet. It is very important for one to verify the author and his interests before he writes anything on the Questnet fraud. Questnet is a multinational company based in Hong Kong and has spread its network across 22 countries. How is it that nothing of this fraud was found out before? It is all an attempt to ensure the company’s reputation is damaged and to woo the customers to other companies that are the rivals.


Another reason for the Questnet fraud could be the story of sour grapes. Individual representatives who might have invested in the company might have failed to recover their money. They must not have been able to sell products or enroll people. But then why aren’t they blaming their poor marketing skills? What is the company’s fault in it for them to scream out that they have been cheated? Unfortunately, there are many questions but no answers. It is up to us to see to it that we don’t get fooled by these tactics by rival companies and lose out on a good earning opportunity.

Why you should not predicate your investments based on Questnet Fraud?

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There are several ongoing business ventures that promise you a bright future. Some may live up to this promise while some deviate from their future goals and culminate into risky business. Multi-level marketing is one such conglomerate that has been labelled risky business due to few misconceptions and scepticism by investors. Questnet Fraud was the first incident that made the buyers and investors doubt the strategy and planning of multi-level marketing industry.  

With Internet opening doors and providing a podium to every small time entrepreneur, it is evident that it can also be misused.  It is a high powered tool that has the ability to instrument a scam. With the passing of time and advancement of technology, people have become passive thinkers and listeners. Research has taken a back seat since the inception and existence of the World Wide Web. The concept of firsthand experience has blurred and faded. Prospective investors lay their trust on faulty accusations and turn away from fruitful and yielding business concepts like online Multi-level marketing.

Online Multi-level marketing varies from Pyramid marketing. These two business concepts are contradictory and dissimilar ideas. Likewise Questnet was also a unique approach. The company aided young entrepreneurs in testing their skills in marketing. An entrepreneurial venture needs lump sum capital. Financial institutions stray away and shun novel ideas fearing their loss. This is when Questnet came into the picture. In order to gain ample experience, young entrepreneurs invested in Questnet. In return the company provided them with a website stalked with their products. The entrepreneurs had to sell the products and earn their income. Questnet Fraud came as a blow to the entire industry as there were claims made in regards to its planning. Few people stated that the company itself is a fraud and scammed people for their own vested interests.

 As the investigation progressed, people became well acquainted with such concepts. It was revealed that companies like Questnet trained their employees just like any other organization. Once an employee passed the tests, he or she was recruited into the organization as an Individual Representative. When an employee failed to match the set benchmark, he or she was rejected.

 In the excitement of minting money by adopting such concepts, many forget these approaches also require hard work. Individuals enrol themselves with the Multi-level marketing conglomerate and then drift from their goals. Accusations like the Questnet Fraud have been examples of retaliation from the start. Adhering to the set rules and regulations is always been an attribution of commercial enterprises. An organization which allows its employees to work as per their convenience is humoured and not appreciated for its achievements by the masses. Multi-level marketing is an industry spread across the globe with a strong network. Everyday there are hundreds of people enrolling in organizations affiliated with multi-level marketing. If you browse online, you will find several testimonies praising these ventures for their help, but you cannot overlook certain posts regarding their credibility and pointing towards scams like Questnet Fraud. The smart decision is to make an informed choice and not to ruin your golden chance of infusing stability to your financial condition.