QNET India and you

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So let’s get to know this ‘Network Marketing’ business first. What exactly is this marketing strategy? Let’s break this into ‘Network’ and ‘Marketing’. Basically, networking is connecting or making connections to form a group, class, or cult of like-minded people who are in some small way or the other driven toward achieving the same goal. It could be a prayer ritual, kitty party, play-date list, and so on which culminate to form a pyramid of contacts. Marketing is the simple procedure of making, communicating, and delivering products/services to consumers. So basically, Network marketing can be simplified into the term Multi-Level marketing.

One may argue that you do not need to have so many levels between a buyer and a seller. Network marketing actually means weaving of people into a network that sells a product/ service and relies on marketing techniques like word-of-mouth publicity to be able to do business.  Another word used to describe Network marketing is Relationship marketing. Network marketing makes way for a multi-level compensation plan. A multi-level compensation plan is where a certain Mr. A, gets a commission for getting another member on board. Each new member by an existing member brings in a certain bonus and is basically a happy kind of remuneration for the kind of work involved.

This game plan works for the best of us. Companies have known to have opened with single level direct marketing and later converted to Network marketing owing to the kind of response it gets. Network forming is not difficult at all. One downside is, some are weaved into this business without their consent and only because of friendships, or other such relationships. These people are likely to face dejection and disappointment in their endeavors to convince another people because they themselves do not appear to be fully convinced about it.

Trusted companies like QNET India hand out attractive compensation plans to those who wish to join their Network marketing programs all inside a framework of quality, quantity, and purpose. The company ensures that the quality of the products that go out of the company is nothing short of grade best, that the quantity is in sync with the demand for the product, and consumers are given a great package to work around! It is highly imperative that when you take up any assignment, especially in network marketing, you put your faith in it first. Only when you trust the company and the product you are wanting to give away, will you be able to convince another, and yet another person.

Multi-level marketing is a great way to build a strong network of people from all over the world. Online marketing has made the world a snow globe. Association with a company like QNET India exposes one to the brighter side of Network marketing as it enables an individual to be able to work from the comfort of his home and put his faith in a brand he believe can rake in customers through sheer word of mouth.


Identify the advantages of direct selling industry with QNET

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Most of us know that there are multiple ways to sell a product or service. With the advent of time, consumers around the world prefer modern system of trading. This has given birth to the direct selling industry. This method follows marketing of products to consumers from a fixed location. Unlike conventional trading, technology has been introduced in the modern system of trading. This includes organizing one-on-one demonstrations, seminars and internet sales.

The direct presentation and sale of products and services helps customers to identify with the representative company. Some other benefits of direct selling include:

  • Direct selling provides important advantages to individuals who require an opportunity to earn an income and build a business of their own.
  • It allows consumers to enjoy an alternative to shopping centres, departmental stores and the consumer products market.
  • It offers an alternative to traditional employment for those who desire a flexible income earning opportunity to supplement their household income, or whose responsibilities or circumstances do not allow for regular part-time or full time employment.
  • In many cases, direct selling opportunities develop into a fulfilling career for those who achieve success and choose to pursue their independent direct selling business on a full time basis.

The most important aspect of the direct selling industry includes little or no investment cost. Unlike other sectors, you need not borrow money from banks and other financial institutions in order to make a career in this sector. Sometimes all you need to make a niche in this career consists of the training provided by the representative company.

Customers benefit from direct selling as it offers convenience and superior services. This includes personal demonstration and explanation of products, home delivery, and warrantee of customer satisfaction. Additionally, direct selling provides a channel of distribution for companies with innovative and remarkable products that are not easily available in conventional retail stores. This is also good for business owners who cannot afford to compete with the huge advertising and promotion costs associated with gaining prominence on the shelves of the departmental stores. Direct selling improves the retail distribution infrastructure of the economy, and serves customers with products that are reliable and of high quality.

The direct selling industry has been on a rise since its inception. The personalized system of selling products and services has been the favourite mode of marketing for many prominent companies across the world. According to recent research on its growth, expert professionals has suggested that this industry is expected to hit Rs 108.4 billion mark by 2014-15. The survey indicates that the industry has displayed a robust growth in the recent years. The robust growth in the segment has been contributed by a majority growth in the organised sector and the lesser growth in the unorganized segments of the industry during the past years.

There are many eminent brands like QNET that offers unlimited choice to its customers. The product portfolio of such prominent companies features a diverse and wide selection of strong and innovative products designed to enhance every aspect of daily living.

In the recent years, organizations like QNET have become popular across the world due to its superior quality products and services.

Know the importance of Independent Representatives with QNET

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We all know that business and commerce refers to buying and selling of goods and services. Business entrepreneurs borrow money through banks and other financial institutions and employ those in producing activities by utilizing natural resources. Individuals involved in business continuously perform research on the alternative uses of resources, develops new products and methods, and makes new innovations.

With the onset of time, commerce has expanded its arena in the World Wide Web as well. With the advent of internet, organizations have gone online in promoting their products and services. The other alternative of trading is through the company’s independent representatives. These individuals act as company’s distributors and reaches out the company’s products to the customers. These professionals are self employed raising the standard of life for their families and communities.

Independent representatives find new consumers or pitch to former or existing clients. They visit the clientele office and promote the product, underlies the need of why the individual should chose that product over one produced by its competitor. Sometimes the sales process can take several meetings and months before a deal gets finalized. One of the largest duties of a sales representative is undertaking this sales process.

Good representatives act as the face of the company. The main role of independent representatives is to use their professional relationships, established through providing admiring product lines they represent, to get your product placed. These are the people who have played a significant role in building trust with buyers in their market, and their relationships with the customers will always be a matter of importance.

Some of the important functions of Independent Representatives include:

  • Doing Paperwork – Professionals engaged in this field are responsible for documentation. They fill up the documents, establish primary contacts with clients by writing those mails and faxes and then fix an appointment. They also furnishes information on the client and prepares a list of products that the client orders. At times, they also need to calculate the time they required for selling the company’s product and services.


  • Providing Service – Most of the customers need the help of Independent Representatives with regard to shipping options. Even though a representative sells the product, his responsibility does not end there. He needs to look and set up shipping times. At times, the client also needs to contact them for reordering products of the representative company. Being the face of the company, they need to ensure if a customer is satisfied and happy with the representative company’s product and services.

There’s also one more important aspect of being an Independent representative. Of all the tasks that an independent sales representative addresses, none consumes more time than servicing the customer. There is an array of duties from handling defective merchandise, receiving phone calls, estimating shipping dates, reporting on production dates and so on. Independent Representatives (IRs) of reputed companies like QNET through hard work and dedication have the opportunity to become economically self-sufficient, raising the standard of life for their families and communities.

Many of Asia’s leading direct selling companies like QNET offers meaningful products in diverse markets. These companies are dedicated to giving the IRs the requisite tools and education they need to strengthen their understanding of the products and services.

The nature-inspired elegance of the Umayal Collection

October 3, 2013 2 comments

One of the leading Asian network marketing companies, QNET, is popular all over the world for its top quality lifestyle and luxury products. The company offers a wide range of luxury products. Some of the most popular products from this company’s luxury line are the jewellery pieces of the Umayal Collection.

Every creation of nature has its own beauty. However, not many people notice the beautiful creations of nature that surrounds them all the time. The vibrant brightness of the grass blades, the soft velvet like touch of the Rose petals and the radiant blue colour of the sea are all fine examples of the nature’s creativity. Finding inspiration from simple, natural things that are available in the environment surrounding us, several artists and designers from around the world have created awe-inspiring pieces of art. This includes painting, sculptures and many more.

DatinSri Umayal Eswaran, Director and Trustee of RYTHM Foundation is one of those artists who got inspired by the natural things and created the finest pieces of jewellery, which is now known as the Umayal Collection. DatinSri combines her unprecedented love for natural heritage and her unrelenting passion for creating fine and elegant jewellery pieces in her collection. She says, her jewellery pieces are not just an attempt to emulate the ingenuity of the Mother Nature but also is a way to pay respect to her.

Here is some of the fine jewellery pieces included in the collection:

Misty Pendant

This beautifully crafted pendant is a mirage of the elegant sea fan and the mystique of quartz. The wearer of this captivating jewellery piece is sure to catch the eye of the onlookers. The crown shaped pendant is a beautiful reflection of the morning mist that blankets the forest during the winter. The pear shaped gemstone at the bottom of the pendant presents a beautiful contrast to the jewellery. This versatile piece is best suited for night events.

The Glacier Leaf Set

This nature inspired jewellery set aptly reflects the eternal richness of the beautiful Glaciers. The set is a symbol of strength, protection and happiness. This beautifully crafted set can complement all kinds of outfit and it can be worm for all occasions. The intricate and gleaming silver work in the background and beautiful blue sapphire provides a stunning contrast of colours.

The Rowan Set

The Rowan Set, as the name suggests is inspired by the magnificent rowan tree. The sterling set specially handcrafted from silver includes a pair of earrings, a pendant and a ring. Every piece in the set is fashioned in a way that they look like a branch of silver. The oval ruby that features in every piece presents a wonderful contrast to the silver branch and it uplifts the beauty of the jewellery.

Nautilus Set

This immaculate jewellery set perfectly reflects the transcendent beauty of the nautilus shells. The charismatic design combined with the polished period is a real cynosure to the eye. This versatile piece of jewellery can be worn as brooch or as a pendant. Both options will perfectly match the pair earrings that are part of the set.

Why you should buy yourself a Bernhard H. Mayer timepiece

June 28, 2013 3 comments

In any business, etiquette and a lasting impression is of utmost importance. This is relevant in network marketing, too. Independent Representatives have to be well dressed. They are constantly interacting with people from different walks of life. They need to leave an impeccable impression. In this profession, Independent Representatives have to travel and present opportunities to people. A good idea is to complete the corporate attire with a time piece from Bernard H Mayer.

It is of utmost importance that Independent Representatives maintain a formal look. Sometimes they even travel to farther distances. The need of the hour is to carry out the corporate look with élan and elegance. You will be able to accomplish this goal once you complete your ensemble with Bernard H Mayer’s exclusive Belleza Magnum Watch. It is classy and a delight to the eye. You can team this timepiece with casual clothes, too. Its versatility adds to its appeal.

If you are constantly meeting new people, this watch will be a good companion. It is extraordinary and will make you stand out amongst the crowd. The watch is equipped with a black square face, large numerals, big second time zone and date indicators. The use of this watch will bring in the right measure of discipline and order in your life.

This watch gives you an edge over others and instils you with a sense of confidence too. Timepieces from Bernard H Mayer are a stamp of innovation and creativity. Sapphire crystal glass has been incorporated in its design. This watch is armed with an antireflective coating and offers a water resistance of nearly 50 metres.

You have to make sure that the sheen of your timepiece does not fade. Follow some simple rules and your watch will look as new as ever. It should be wrapped in a soft cloth, before being placed anywhere. Make sure that you wipe your watch with a nice fabric on a daily basis. Stains, water spots and dirt will not be able to ruin the charm of this delight.

If you are a health conscious person and engage in a great deal of exercising, you should ensure that the strap of your watch is made of a material like a metal bracelet or rubber strap. Leather is not a good idea in this situation. Its charm will be spoilt due to the perspiration.

It is of vital importance that the water resistance function of this watch is not affected in a negative way. To ensure its efficacy, make sure that the crown of the timepiece is pushed against the case. It should be taken for a quality check, too. Condensation indicates that the water resistance function has been affected. Follow these pearls of advice, and with the passing time, the quality of your exquisite time piece will remain unchanged.

Popular network marketing company, QNET provides this brand’s offerings. It has enhanced lifestyles all across the globe. The unique range of product lines has struck a chord. The offerings have been incorporated by people in their daily lives.

QNet Scam Reports – Legitimate or Fake?

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” title=”QNet Scam Reports – Legitimate or Fake?”>QNet Scam Reports – Legitimate or Fake?

How MLM has become a profitable venture after questnet fraud

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Hunting for a job is a time consuming task. Students are well prepared theoretically to face the real life and participate in the cut throat competition the world accommodates. However theories lose their value because practicality always had an upper hand in the business arena. Learning how to make money is not useful unless you have a job.  If you have a job you can put all your knowledge and intelligence in implementing the money making theories. You might also be successful in minting some extra cash. However again the question arises, what if you fail and do not earn even a Rupee after putting in so much hard work?

If you ask a successful businessman how does he decide which horse he is going to bet? The businessman will simply quip, the horse has the longest winning record.  It is a simple mantra staged on an understandable rule. The companies in business for long know the ropes of trade better. Their goodwill is unbeatable. However new companies emerge and exit at a faster rate. Innovation is good but the invention should walk hand in hand with consumerism. If the product is not a need but a want it will hardly make any sales. Even the Eskimo is not going to buy ice because today he is well aware that he surrounded by it. Thus investors do not think twice before investing in well established companies as they are sure of returns. A new company may or may not mint returns. That is a risk an investor has to take.

There are myriad options an investor or even a working individual can adopt in order to make extra cash. There are Multi Level Marketing (MLM) companies in every corner of the world flourishing at a higher rate every minute. If you require extra money you can become a part of the Multi Level Marketing organisation. Occurrences like questnet fraud were an issue however they were duly solved. People who think they can multi task than they should definitely try their hand at direct selling. Direct selling is a technique practiced by Multi Level marketing companies. They market their miscellaneous product via an online website. Since there is no specific qualification required to join this affiliate, the company itself provides training. They train the employees to become marketers. Once they feel you are ready to make a sale, you are allowed to man an online website. The website is stocked with lifestyle and utility products manufactured by the direct selling company. The employees are trained to sell these products. Monthly remuneration depends on the amount of sales accumulated. It is a flexible set up because all the employees consider direct selling as a part time initiative. You are allowed to work as per you convenience.

Such companies hone the creative and cognitive skills of individuals. They help them flourish by giving them a chance to prove their entrepreneurial talent. However incidents like the questnet fraud give rise to rumours, misconception and scepticism.